a year in review
photo by paisley bruise at dj harvey's "flaming man nye" party, 2016/2017

photo by paisley bruise at dj harvey's "flaming man nye" party, 2016/2017

and just like that, it's time again for my self-tradition of spending NYE in reflection of the year that is now coming to a close--is it just me or did 2017 come and go in a flash?! i feel like the older i get the quicker the years end, which brings me face-to-face with my own mortality and fuels me with the desire to do better, be better, and love more.

2017 has been a total 180º switch-up from what was going on in 2016; i partied way, way less, spent more time alone than i did with others, and i focused a lot more on work than i did on friends. i know i haven't been talking to and seeing some of you guys all year, and the times i do spend with the ones i have it's been few and far between but never doubt! i still love you and am here for you, i just need some time being there for myself ya know?

in retrospect, 2017's been full of major manifestation magic of the intentions i set for myself at the end of 2016--my seemingly nomadic housing situation came to and end, i eased into a career that i hadn't dreamed of (event design and production?!) but made a whole lot of sense, came across so much music (seriously, i probably have spent more than $300 on music alone this year) and i took myself on a trip overseas!

this year i have strengthened the relationships between myself and family. i have laid a sturdy foundation for my professional life and already have begun to see growth! i rekindled and had hope for a love that taught me many lessons and have also learned to let go of that love since it was more harmful than kind. i sought new sights, walked around berlin in the rain, danced inside the walls of berghain, flew across the world and stood above crystal-blue sea waters that broke the shores of a continent that's under and at the edge of the world while standing on top of cliffs whose textures and colors seemed to dance in front of my eyes. this year, this year i felt like absolute magic!

i am so grateful for everyone that has been there for me on my journey so far, i am so grateful for everything that's happened--the good, the bad, the heartbreaks and the love--and i am so excited to see what this next year has in store for all of us! we're only three hours away from 2018 but it's been looking epic to me since two weeks ago--there's already so much amazing stuff on the horizon!

i wish you all a happy new year, and as we koreans say: may the new sun bring you an abundance of good fortune!

새해 복 많이받으세요 (saehae bohk mahn-ee badeusayo)!


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