artificial light

For the most part I have quite an aversion to studio lighting and much prefer to capture my subjects in natural light; these photographs are from a time when I played around with studio equipment for the sake of practice (and also to determine whether or not it would be worth it to stock up on my own gear). This was also during a time when I was really into different fabric textures, how the light bounced off them and how the subject was translated through its movement.


I'm not entirely sure as to what I was trying to convey, if there was anything to convey at all, and I believe this was in 2013? Maybe 2014? My friend Kat was an absolutely patient and understanding muse during that time period--what a whirlwind it was!

These were from the same shoot of the portrait below (which remains one of my favorite portraits I've taken thus far), and is totally different in vibe due to the difference of lighting.


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