catching up with xandy

it's been a while since i've touched my camera for reasons other than work--the time i spend creating things for myself, as opposed to creating things in alignment with another's vision/intention, has been on a steady decline lately, which is something i'm not too proud or keen of. however, it's no secret that i'm fueled by crises and this first month of 2018 has been a pretty intensive series of desperately trying to keep my shit together long enough to steer clear of a mental breakdown.

so, of course, i was filled with a desire to shoot someone and my friend xandy answered my super last minute call for anyone who was up for a session with me.


i'm not sure when or how i met xandy but we share the same love for camping trips, craft beer and music. my fondest memories of her always have to do with nature and the process of coordinating 6+ people on a weekend out into some national park, some natural landmark, some music festival. wow, come to think of it, we've probably known each other for over six years now? how time flies~


honestly, creativity is like a muscle; you have to exercise it, use it, indulge in it or it just atrophies. i felt a little awkward in communicating my direction and it served as a stark reminder that yeah, the more i neglect this shit the more i'm going to suck and i definitely don't want that, that would depress the shit out of me.

i'm a lazy fucking bastard and dread editing photos however, the process of reviewing what i photographed and fine tuning the details helps me see what i enjoy most about taking portraits--in the beginning of a session, you see the tension in the lips, the shoulders, the hands. then, as it progresses, you see the gradual relaxation. the trust. the comfort of being in one's skin. i'm always gushing over how beautiful and amazing my friends are and it's super amazing to get a chance to show people in the way that i see them!

despite the initial fumbling i think these turned out pretty amazing! and before i close this, i'll leave you guys with my personal favorite from the set:


it was lovely hanging out with you at the descanso gardens, thanks so much for letting me shoot your beautiful self, xandy! 😘

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